01 September 2010

Summer is almost over.......

Can't believe summer is coming to a close.  This has to be one of the best summers I can remember in recent years.  It was so fun this summer watching the kids grow and swim and explore new things.  I love how they love the beach and swimming.  We've had fun at the zoo, museums, camping, painting, eating lots of popsicles and playing with the pups.  We have missed daddy a lot though and wish he could have had a little more fun with us. For Mommy and Daddy good concerts with great friends just put the icing on the cake. 
G is swimming full on underwater with no floaties as is LM and I am like one of those beaming crazy moms just bursting with pride that we accomplished that. 
farmer's market where we spent some time
School starts within a week and we look forward to that although I amsure I will cry my eyes out on the first day both are at school.  It's just all gone so fast...people tell you it will but you don't really believe them when you are sleep deprived and tired all the time and then you blink and they are off to college.  I am enjoying watching the people they are becoming with their opinions and seeing mine and daddy's tendencies coming through although not my temper flaring in them both but hallelujah they have daddy's temperament sometimes too ..he's way more mellow than I am.  So excited to see what this school year brings and watching them bloom.

G finally started liking the beach

This one makes my heart melt
G spent a lot of time in her cowboy boots this summer
Sophie provides the perfect subject, she doesn't run away

17 August 2010

Now I lay me down to sleep

When G doesn't want to say her prayers LM says them for her and it goes a little something like this:
"Now I lay G down to sleep, I pray the Lord her soul to keep
May angels watch her frough the night, and wake her wid the mornin light"
So very sweet. Personally I think she feels special when her brother does that and so she refuses on purpose so he will say them for her ;)

15 August 2010

Some of my favorite things in G.'s room

There's just something about having a girl...the fun girly things we get to pick out, shopping for a girl is so fun and sharing all those special moments with a daughter is just so wonderful. I have never been one for themes in a bedroom. I like to kind of do the shabby chic eclectic mix of things important in my life. Actually, my whole house seems to be like that....a hodge podge of things that may not all match but have some significance to us and where we were at that point in our lives. And as you all know photographs are one of my favorite things to display because they make me happy. Taking them, framing them and hanging them is one of my delights. Anyway, putting G.'s room together was such fun for me..no , it's not fancy but just a mix of things I love that make me smile. I tried my hand at photographing some of them and did okay I suppose but here they are:

Pile of tutus

This belonged to my mom and aunt growing up and I always loved it

Jennifer found this for G.'s room and it matched perfectly
My bargain finds
Just love this...makes the colors all come together
Mom and Dad brought this on a plane from AL to WA for the kids--handmade by a friend
Another of my favorite things in G.'s room, her sweet watchdog
My clearance find at PB
Another of my mom and aunt's things-loved this growing up and it became G.'s recently

07 August 2010

Beach fun

Beach  and summer fun

20 July 2010

It's been a while now.....

I am not sure why I just can't keep up with the blog...I used to enjoy doing it nearly every day or at least once a week but for some reason it seems so hard to me.  I feel so bad for not keeping up with baby girl the way I did LM but it's just overwhelming but just for the family I will hit the highlights.  We have had sucha  busy summer.  After G cut the tip of her finger off in a baby gate she had surgery , has been recuperating beautifully and has a nice little pink nub and even a nail growing on it.  She was such a trooper and still has been but sometimes reminds us to "be caful" with her finger. 
School ended for LM and I cried my eyes out like a baby because I have grown to love that place mostly because he loves it and the teachers are so nurturing and wonderful.  What a blessing to have found it!  But both my little munchkins will be there next year and that poor preschool won't know what hit it with G although it's so familiar to her now she will do just fine.  I will be a wreck on that first day they both get dropped off together.
Miss G changing so fast --in just  a few short months my sweet baby has turned into a full fledged tall toddler. She is talking so much...but her favorite thing to say is No of courseand to copy anything her brother says which are nice words like "butt" and such.  We're working on that and trying ot expand her vocabulary a little more ;)   Both are swimming like fish, diving off the diving board, underwater and the works .....mostly with swimmies on but sometimes not so I hope by the end of summer they will be ready to do it all on their own.
Miss G has a complete mind of her own.  She does what she wants and just is so pretty.  I am partial but when she's that stinking cute it's hard to stay mad at her for long.  The relationship between the two of them is coming along and having more sweet moments than before.  Mind you not more sweet moments than I want to claw your eyes out moments but it's getting there.  Starting to play together and enjoy each other a little more.   She tells me "don't talk a me"  which is don't talk to me when I am tryhing to correct her or she gets in trouble.  Copies everything he says and another favorite is "ummm, i don knowwwww". 
Daddy is in and out  a lot these days and it makes for long weeks but plenty to do for summer.  Fall will be hard as we gear up for yet another long deployment.  I am so grateful that this time it's not boots on ground somewhere in Afghanistan --that means less sleepless nights worrying.   The kids are adjusting ok but everytime he leaves the first few days LM wakes up w/ nightmares or just upset but then settles down. 
We've had quite the exciting summer already even with a couple surgeries to boot with G.'s finger and my appendix.....but so much fun in between all of that we didn't notice too much.  Now we begin new injections for Beau to help with his arthritis and give him a little relief to give hima little more quality of life these last few months or so.  Will post pictures soon.....

20 May 2010

Beach and Jam session

Jennifer and G

Seriously, how many wrinkles do I have??



and after........

updates and fun stuff