01 September 2010

Summer is almost over.......

Can't believe summer is coming to a close.  This has to be one of the best summers I can remember in recent years.  It was so fun this summer watching the kids grow and swim and explore new things.  I love how they love the beach and swimming.  We've had fun at the zoo, museums, camping, painting, eating lots of popsicles and playing with the pups.  We have missed daddy a lot though and wish he could have had a little more fun with us. For Mommy and Daddy good concerts with great friends just put the icing on the cake. 
G is swimming full on underwater with no floaties as is LM and I am like one of those beaming crazy moms just bursting with pride that we accomplished that. 
farmer's market where we spent some time
School starts within a week and we look forward to that although I amsure I will cry my eyes out on the first day both are at school.  It's just all gone so fast...people tell you it will but you don't really believe them when you are sleep deprived and tired all the time and then you blink and they are off to college.  I am enjoying watching the people they are becoming with their opinions and seeing mine and daddy's tendencies coming through although not my temper flaring in them both but hallelujah they have daddy's temperament sometimes too ..he's way more mellow than I am.  So excited to see what this school year brings and watching them bloom.

G finally started liking the beach

This one makes my heart melt
G spent a lot of time in her cowboy boots this summer
Sophie provides the perfect subject, she doesn't run away

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Jen said...

love the pictures - did you notice Sadie's backside in Sophie's photo? Always trying to steal the thunder :)